Heiress to an Empire

A story inspired by the events of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, but retold from the perspective of a little known, but real historical female.

It is March, 44 BCE and Julius Caesar’s secret, illegitimate daughter, Junia Tertia, is trapped in an arranged marriage with his assassin. According to her father’s will , her unborn child might be his adopted son, giving her a chance at freedom and providing Rome an heir no one had considered.

Despite Caesar’s former bodyguard being inappropriately attracted to Tertia, he will fulfill Caesar’s wish and protect her from harm. But when her husband makes an attempt on her life, Tertia realizes only she can free herself, only she can find the love she deserves before he destroys her and the baby.


Laurel wHeart


  • 1st Place 2011 Hearts Through History in the Ancient/Medieval/Renaissance Category
  • 2nd Place 2011 Pikes Peak Writers Fiction Contest in the Historical Category
  • 2nd Place 2011 The Sandy Writing Contest in the Mainstream Category
  • Finalist 2011 PNWA Literary Contest in the Historical Category